Practice Areas

Adult Guardianship:

We represent Guardians and Conservators in Elder Care, Elder Support, and Elder Abuse cases. Typically, our client would be a son or daughter seeking legal authority to act on behalf of a parent who may be in ill health and/or experiencing memory loss and inability to properly care for himself or herself.  We also help set up third party care and support of an elder family member when necessary.

Estate Planning:

Your Estate Plan is comprised of your final wishes regarding your assets and loved ones.  Your estate plan may simply include a Last Will and Testament.  The documents necessary in an Estate Plan will vary from person-to-person.  Many clients seek tax planning and wealth distribution through the creation of a trust. We work with you to develop an estate plan that is right for you.  A typical estate plan is developed through a committed process of counseling and educating us on your wishes. 

Involuntary Commitments/ Drugs & Alcohol:

We represent individuals facing involuntary commitments. Involuntary commitment of an individual occurs when the individual is ordered to a treatment facility or hospital to prevent them from harming themselves or others. In order for one to be confined against their wishes they must be mentally ill, under the influence of an intoxicant or narcotic, or a danger to themselves or others.


We provide a venue for mediation.  Peter is a South Carolina Mediator.  Mediation allows for an opportunity to mediate your probate, estate, guardianship or trust matter in our downtown office.

Probate/Estate Administration:

Probate administration can be complicated and we make the process easier.  We assist in filing Information to Heirs, Inventory and Appraisal, Accounting, Proposal for Distribution, and Application for Settlement.

Trust, Estate, and Fiduciary Litigation & Appeals:

At the Kouten Law Firm, we bring the knowledge and insight to help your family resolve a will contest as fairly as possible. We have helped many families resolve disputes involving the administration of estates in the probate process. We always explain the most cost-effective and amicable solution, and we are ready to protect your rights.